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Green Sheds is about giving second life to construction materials…literally and figuratively. After enjoying long and successful careers in construction and design, proprietors Chris Lotz and Brenda Miller recycled their careers in to this compelling green business.

“When we constructed our first green building for a family friend,” shares Chris, “we had no idea the demand that one project would create. While it can sometimes require more effort to source and refine recycled materials, the end product is always a structure with a charm and impact that you simply can’t buy off the rack at Home Depot.”

Brenda continues, “We saw the waste in construction and demolition, and knew this was a better way. We find the most amazing hardware…Windows from old San Francisco homes…ironwork from Oakland…solid hardwood floors from a barn in Hayward…and we give it a new life and purpose.”

Getting Started with Green Sheds

Our design consultations are free…to get your project started request a quote or simply call us at 925-872-3187.